Dr. Mohammed Elahi is one of the best trained Plastic Surgeons in the Greater Toronto Area having had extensive plastic surgery training in Montreal at McGill University (Canada), UCLA in Los Angeles (USA), Providence Hospital in Michigan (USA) and Temple University in Philadelphia (USA). Dr. Elahi has complemented this diverse training with supplemental plastic surgery experiences in Italy, France and Turkey. During many years of plastic surgery training, he has had the unique opportunity to work with some of the most prominent plastic surgeons in the world where Dr. Elahi has had the chance to hone his skills and develop an artistic eye for natural results in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Dr. Elahi was born in Toronto attending High School in Etobicoke. He pursued undergraduate medical studies at McMaster University and after 2 years was accepted into Medical School at the University of Western Ontario. He graduated from Medical School with Honours in 1993 as the Hewlett Packard Top Medical Graduate. Read More

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This 49-year-old female presents with excess abdominal skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles. She underwent abdominoplasty, muscle tightening and liposuction. Overall at 8 weeks the patient is exceedingly happy with her new figure.


Breast augmentation

This 23 year old female was always self conscious about her breast size and she was seen in consultation for breast augmentation. After careful deliberation, We chose 275 CC moderate profile Mentor Saline implants, placed sub muscular (under muscles). At 6 weeks, she is content with her new shape and size of breasts.


Brest Reduction

This 43 year old mother of two complained of breast ptosis (sagging) and requested a breast lift. We decided to perform a vertical mastopexy (breast lift) with incision placed around the areola and the lower pole of her breasts. She loves the youthful appearance of her breasts. She feels that her breast have returned to the shape that they were before pregnancy.

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Company 1 Ltd.

Dr. Elahi accomplished every single goal I was wanting from my surgery. He is enormously talented and his work speaks for itself.

22 year old female

I wanted to thank everyone once again for taking such good care of me while I was there. Truly, Dr. Elahi's practice has the best staff I've ever seen.

Company 3 Ltd.

During my teens I hated my nose. After my nose reshaping by Dr. Elahi, I am the person I always wanted to be